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I have 18 years of turf management experience, am a former Golf Course Superintendent, and have a degree in biology. Reach out and lets create a plan that addresses YOUR needs.

Our Philosophy

Your lawn is so much more than just the green stuff that grows outside of your house – it’s a beautiful, valuable asset that is your personal park. It’s where the kids play and where the dogs run. It gives you pride and adds so much value to your property. When it looks fantastic, so does your home. When it doesn’t, it takes away from everything else around it. 

Our services beautify your home and enhance your investment. We feel fortunate to be able to give you a hand while doing what we love to do! Team up with American Lawnscape today! 

We Provide

We will NEVER ask you to sign a contract! Contracts only take care of the company. Our mission is to take care of YOU! 

Why American Lawnscape?


Our owner, Douglas Ringer, leverages his years of experience as a Golf Course Superintendent to provide the best lawn treatment
and turf management services in DFW.


Instead of pre-determining a treatment plan at the beginning of the year, we make application decisions based on your lawn’s current needs at the time for optimal results.

18 Years of Experience

We are passionate about turf care! This is what we do the most of and we know that it takes more than just pushing a mower around to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful.


We create individual lawn treatment, turf management and outdoor insect control programs for each client to achieve the best possible results for their yard.


Being a veteran-owned company, we run our business using the same morals and values one acquires from military service and training.


"I used their aeration service last week and these guys were extremely professional. They checked the sprinkler system first, flagged each point to make sure they skip those points. Also fixed an existing issue I had with one of my sprinkler pipes."

-Sathya Narayana Peraboina

"Great people to work with and do a fantastic job, would highly recommend!"

-Bill Harmon

"Barbara 'n Doug are great at their lawnscape business. On time, fair 'n honest. Doug has a vast knowledge of the North Texas vegetation. Recommend them highly."

-Leon Burch

"After spending years with another service, I'm SO grateful we switched to American Lawnscape. Within 6 weeks, our yard never looked better. It was astonishing!. I really appreciate that American Lawnscape customizes the treatment/fertilization to what my lawn needs. This is a top notch service that I would recommend to anyone!"

-Molly Smith

"American Lawnscape has been very good for us for the last 5 years. When we first moved we used one of the big landscape companies and that just wasn’t right for us because they appeared to be on automatic pilot. We decided to try American Lawnscape because Doug and Barbara seemed to have a better approach to lawn care because Doug looked for new products that would enhance our lawn and keep it healthy. They answer e-mails and keep us up to date with those inevitable schedule changes that occur with Texas weather. And, their pricing is reasonable. I highly recommend them."

-Ellie Krugerman