Weed Control

A North Texas Lawn Maintenance Necessity

A lush, green lawn is a symbol of pride for homeowners in Dallas, Texas. It enhances curb appeal, provides a space for relaxation and recreation, and even helps to cool your home in the summer heat. However, maintaining a weed-free lawn can be a challenge, especially in the warm, humid climate of Dallas.  That’s why American Lawnscape uses golf course grade weed control products that are designed for your lawn’s specific needs to ensure above average results in a less than average timeframe. Call or Text us for a customized lawn maintenance program for your yard 214-308-1322.

What is Weed Control?

    Weed control consists of any method used to prevent, control or suppress any plant considered to be an invasive species within a given botanical environment. There are two common types of weed control methods; mechanical extraction and chemical application.


    Mechanical weed extraction is any methos used to eliminate weeds by hand or machine. Common practices are pulling, digging, tilling, and plowing.


    Chemical Weed Applications are chemicals applied to weeds directly to suppress or control their activity. Chemical weed control products are primarily applied by the spraying of liquids and the spreading of granulars.


    The best way to keep weeds out of your lawn is to ensure that your turf grass is as healthy as it can be. Lawns that are well maintained, irrigated properly with the correct amounts and types of fertilizers can best defend themselves from invasive weed species as well as defend themselves against harsh weather conditions.   

    When Should I Start Weed Control in Texas?

    Like much of the south, here in Texas we enjoy three seasons of active turf growth but four seasons of weeds. Due to our favorable climate and comparatively mild winters, all three major weed categories (broadleaf, grassy, and sedges) are active at various times throughout the calendar year in Texas . . . even when our turf grass isn’t growing.


    So, the answer to the question “When should I start weed control in Texas?”  is fairly straightforward. You need to start now, whenever your “now” happens to be. Preventing and controlling weeds in Texas is a chess match against nature and we need to be thinking 3 moves ahead.


    Utilizing an annual treatment calendar created specifically for your lawn, geographic characteristics and personal goals will go a long way towards reducing waste, saving money and establishing the conditions necessary for optimal turf health and beauty.

    What Types of Product Kills Weed in Texas?

      Everything is big in Texas . . . that includes the list of weeds we have to deal with in our lawns. With unique weeds having a climate advantage throughout each of the four seasons, Texas weeds can be a challenge to manage without a well-informed and intentionally timed weed management program.


      As seasons and weed types change here in Texas, the products used to control weeds need to be adjusted to match the climate and variety of weed we are addressing. There is a constellation of weed control products on the market but you need to know a few things about weed control product design before you make a selection.


      • Not all weed control products work to control all Texas weeds and weed types.
      • Not all weed control products work in all seasons.
      • Most importantly, not all weed control products are safe for all types of turf grasses that are common in Texas lawns.

      Throughout each of our Texas seasons it’s necessary to apply the correct pre emergent products to help prevent the upcoming seasons weed types. This needs to be followed up with chemical applications (post emergents) specifically formulated to address and eliminate any weeds that have bypassed or broken through the pre emergent weed barrier.

      Texas weeds are tough to kill on your own! Reach out to the Turf Veterans at American Lawnscape today so we can get your lawn Weed-Free and Green As Can Be!

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