Lawn Fertilizer Service

A North Texas Lawn Maintenance Necessity

A beautiful green, luscious lawn can be the envy of your neighborhood in North Texas. It not only enhances curb appeal, but it helps show pride of ownership and care for your family.  However, maintaining a weed-free lawn can be a challenge in the warm, humid climate of the Dallas area.  That’s why American Lawnscape uses golf course grade fertilizer products designed for your lawn’s specific need. Call or Text us for a complete customized lawn maintenance program for your yard 214-425-5834.

Lawn fertilizer is essential for several reasons:

Lawn fertilizer is a nutrient-rich substance applied to the soil to promote healthy grass growth and maintain a vigorous, verdant lawn. It provides essential nutrients, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, that are crucial for chlorophyll production, root development, and overall plant health.


Nutrient Replenishment: Over time, essential nutrients are depleted from the soil due to grass growth, rainfall, and other factors. Lawn fertilizer replenishes these nutrients, ensuring that your grass has the nourishment it needs to thrive.

Strong Root Development: Healthy roots are the foundation of a healthy lawn. Lawn fertilizer promotes strong root development, enabling your grass to anchor firmly in the soil, absorb nutrients and water effectively, and withstand stress from heat, drought, and foot traffic.

Enhanced Green Color: Nitrogen, a key component of lawn fertilizer, is responsible for the vibrant green color of your grass. A balanced fertilizer provides the right amount of nitrogen to promote deep green growth and maintain your lawn’s lush appearance.

 Improved Disease Resistance: A well-nourished lawn is better equipped to resist diseases and pests. Lawn fertilizer provides the nutrients your grass needs to build strong cell walls and boost its natural defenses.

 Thicker, Fuller Lawn: Lawn fertilizer encourages thicker, denser grass growth, filling in bare patches and creating a more uniform, aesthetically pleasing lawn.


Lawn fertilizers add nutrients


Lawn fertilizers helps root development


Lawn fertilizers enrich grass health


Lawn fertilizers help lawns stay green longer


Lawn fertilizers help with thicker lawns

What you need to know about Fertilizer Service Companies

  • Many fertilizer service companies buy their chemicals years in advanced to save them…not you…money giving a weaker overall product so they have to use more chemicals for the same affect as a fresh batch.
  • Many fertilizer service companies mix their products in large batches hoping they can treat all lawns the same.
  • Many fertilizer service companies do not take into consideration the weather, soil and water conditions and hope for a one size fits all treatment.

At American Lawnscape, we custom blend each batch to meet the needs of your yard considering soil and weather conditions. 

We are even eco friendly with our spray rigs using 1/4 of the water as many companies.

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