Weed Control

A North Texas Lawn Maintenance Necessity

A lush, green lawn is a symbol of pride for homeowners in Dallas, Texas. It enhances curb appeal, provides a space for relaxation and recreation, and even helps to cool your home in the summer heat. However, maintaining a weed-free lawn can be a challenge, especially in the warm, humid climate of Dallas.  That’s why American Lawnscape uses golf course grade weed control products that are designed for your lawn’s specific needs to ensure above average results in a less than average timeframe. Call or Text us for a customized lawn maintenance program for your yard 214-308-1322.

What Are Emergent Weed Control Products?

Weed control begins with employing measures to stop them before they take up residency in your lawn. Pre emergent lawn treatments effectively stop targeted weeds by residing in the top layer of your soil and poisoning the germinating weed shoot as it comes in contact with the product, thereby eliminating the weed from emerging as an adult weed plant.

Pre emergent products stop the weed before it really gets a chance to start but there’s a caveat to this and that is application timing. Timing is everything in weed control. Pre emergents need to be applied just prior to the optimal conditions for weed seed germination. 

Optimal weed growth windows are calculated first by season then dialed-in by the monitoring of ground and air temperatures. Every plant (to include weeds) have an optimal temperate climate in which to germinate and thrive. As the climate conditions change throughout the year, some weeds die off and others that thrive in the conditions present in the next season take their place.


  • Standard Pre emergent application months in Texas are February, June, September and December.


A few of our hardiest Texas weeds cannot be controlled with pre emergent applications due to their mechanisms to proliferate. Dallis Grass and most Sedges require post emergent products applied directly to the active plant to either suppress or control them.

Pre emergent products come in both liquid and granular formulations and routinely contain prodiamine, dithiopyr or pendimethalin as the active ingredient. Most pre emergent products are equally safe for a broad range of adult turf grass types.

What Are Post Emergent Weed Control Products?

    Post emergent products are the most common and well known forms of weed control. These products are designed to suppress or control weeds that are actively growing. There are countless options available in various mediums such as liquid, granular, wettable granular (WG) and wettable powder (WP) to name a few.


    Post emergent weed control products are formulated to be Selective or Non-Selective.


    Selective weed control products are formulated to address control of specific weed types (such as Broadleaf) while also being safe for other plants such as your turf grass. Non-Selective weed control products have a wide range of plants that can/will be killed or harmed by their application. Products such as Round Up and Weed Wrangler containing the active ingredient glyphosate are Non-Selective weed control products.

    How Do I Pick The Right Weed Killer?

      Choosing the right weed killer for your specific needs takes some special consideration as not all weed control products will work for all varieties of weeds and not all products are safe for all varieties of turf grass.

      Once you have identified the weeds you need to control and have determined your lawns grass type (some lawns have multiple grass types) think through (and reevaluate) the following considerations before beginning your product search.

      • What products are labeled to control my weed or weed type?
      • Do I need specific equipment to apply this product?
      • Is this product safe for my grass type?
      • Does this product need to be reapplied at a certain time interval?
      • Will this product work in our current outdoor air temperature?
      • Will this product work with our current ground temperature?
      • Is this product toxic to children, pets and other family members?
      • Is this product safe for the environment?
      • Do I need a license to purchase or apply this product?
      • Can this product be safely mixed with other products?
      • Does this product need to be watered in or require a rain/water safe period?


      The answer to all of these considerations will be found in the label data for each product. Application instructions, potential hazards, environmental dangers and clean-up procedures can be found within the label data as well.

      Texas weeds are tough to kill on your own! Reach out to the Turf Veterans at American Lawnscape today so we can get your lawn Weed-Free and Green As Can Be!

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