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Let’s know about the Weed Varieties in Unusual Heat

Due to our unusual heat over the last few months, we are going to see more varieties and volumes of weeds than we usually do during this time of winter going into spring. Don’t let yourself feel any weed anxiety, though. I’ve got you covered!

Our adaptable treatment plan allows for this very scenario, because I:

didn’t purchase my March treatment products last year in bulk to get a better price. 

bought my March treatment products last week to ensure that I have the right products for the right weeds at the right time.  


We will show up for your March treatment with the commercial-grade products that best address what is happening in your lawn on your service day.

Why so weedy, though? For this round of weeds, the culprit is heat. Every year we need to address winter, spring and summer annual weeds (perennial weeds, as well). They each have their favorite ground temperatures in which to germinate and thrive. In normal temperature years, this occurs in a predictable, seasonal pattern with some overlap of weeds as we transition from season to season. This is not a normal temperature year, though.

Over the last two months we’ve had many days above 60 degrees with some weeks being in 70-90 degree range. Weeds don’t have a calendar so when the temperature is favorable, they will germinate.


I think it’s going to get weedier as we get to April and May. All of you will get an extra pre-emergent combined with fertilizer in April. Regardless of the main treatment focus, we will be spraying weeds every month as well.

Know the Importance of Aeration for a Healthy Lawn

Aeration. There are some lawns where I had a difficult time even getting our treatment sign pushed into the ground. Grass cannot grow in compacted soil. If your turf is thinner than last year or a few years ago (and it’s not due to shade) I can assure you that this is the culprit. Left unaddressed, your grass will slowly die off in the most compacted areas.

I highly recommend getting on our aeration schedule if you haven’t already. More than any other action that can be done to a compacted lawn, core aeration is the most important.

Reach out to us for more information (Reply or call/text 214-308-1322) and to take advantage of our spring/fall aeration special.

Don’t let out-of-control weeds steal the show in your lawn! Contact American Lawnscape today to discuss our adaptable weed control solutions. We’ll ensure your lawn receives the targeted treatment it needs to stay weed-free throughout the spring season.

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Any Questions?

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